About GFA VIP Network

GFA VIP exists to provide the cross-border business industry the following 2 services:

  • Protection – we want to ensure that those in the industry and in our network are “playing fairly”. If there is an issue in the industry, especially between our members, we as an association will work for the greater good to resolve this issue. By being part of the GFA VIP Network, you can feel safe that you have our best interests at heart.
  • Promotion – we want to spotlight and promote our members and their businesses. As a qualified business in the cross-border industry, we want to help you get the exposure you need. Listed on our member directory and in our member marketing materials, you will be part of an association who gives you the eyeballs you need.

Who Should Join The GFA VIP Network?

What are the right fit members? We break them into 3 categories

  • Seller – This is an online seller such as an Amazon FBA seller, but also can be an offline distributor. These are companies who are buying from manufacturers and selling in their home markets around the world.
  • Manufacturer / Supplier – This is a business who is making products that are then distributed around the world. They are looking for more sellers and distributors to help them increase their turnover.
  • Service Provider – This is a business who assists sellers and/or suppliers in the cross-border ecommerce industry. Ranging from legal services to marketing agencies, these are important parts of a successful ecosystem.

Together, these three types of members together create an amazing ecosystem to grow and thrive on. All 3 are needed in order to flourish as an association and an industry as a whole.

Get Involved With GFA VIP Today!

We hope you see the opportunity here to make a difference in the cross-border e-commerce industry! We want to hear from you! As this network grows, we need more qualified members so sign up today!