Apply To Be A GFA Expert

We welcome international business experts in the Global From Asia network.

By joining as a GFA expert, we are on a win-win side to help you build out your courses, your events and workshops, and grow your brand as well as ours! Let’s partner up together and apply below.

What Can Experts Do?

Curious what you can do as an approved GFA expert? Once you are approved as an expert in the Global From Asia expert platform, you will have the ability to do quite a few things - let’s list them down one at a time below:

Login to Your GFA Expert Account

This login is the same as a participant. So if you already have a GFA experts account to attend events or other courses and workshops, then this login will be what you use to apply as an expert (below). In our system, its technically called an instructor level account.

You use the same login as everyone else - except that as an expert you have the ability to add content to the system in addition to attending events and signing up for other people’s courses.
Create a Guest Blog Post

Want to share your knowledge on our blog? Submit your guest blog post here and our admin team will review it and post for you.
Upload New Images and Media

Just like many blog sites, here you can upload images and other files to your expert account. You can use these images and files for your blog posts, for your courses, workshops, and event pages.
Add Yourself to Our Experts Team Page

As an accredited GFA expert, you will now be able to add your profile to our experts page. This is the place to do it - upload a profile photo, your bio, and links to your various business and social websites. We can help you spruce up your profile if you’d like our help - just ask!
Add a Client or Attendee Testimonial

Have a super satisfied participant in your course or client of yours and want to add to the system here. Simply choose “new testimonial” from the dropdown and the upload their profile photo, enter their name, their testimonial, title, and website.
Add a New Project (Portfolio)

Want to display a user case to the audience? Have a great situation where a client got a massive return by using your services and getting your expertise? This is the way to go about showing the world your quality work in your courses and event help.

Simply choose add new project from the dropdown on the top menu and submit the details of your portfolio project item.
Add a New Course

Want to share your experience with the rest of the world? This is a great way to to share your knowledge and earn money at the same time. The first step is to add one new course, and we can work closely with you to ensure the content and quality is up to our standards. Our audience is looking for quality knowledge - but also engaging environment - so we suggest that you also include interactive calls and question and answer sessions. We can assist you in using the right technology for that, just let our admin team know!
Add a New Lesson

Once you have a new course setup, now it is time for you to add lessons (content) to it. This section allows you to add what you need to create a section in your course that the students can consume. You can use videos, text, audio, slides to share your knowledge. A combination of all is a good idea as well. Make sure that in your course description you explain how the content will be given - as everyone has a different preference for video, audio, text, and other learning methods.
Add A New Quiz

Want to have your participants pass a quiz to get to the next lesson or challenge their knowledge? This is possible in our platform - and we encourage you to add these quizzes throughout the courses you make.
Add a Question

Maybe you don’t want to make a full quiz (above) but do want to ensure the student is following along ok. This can be done with questions - add these so that the students can answer them and you can gain feedback and insights on how they are doing inside the course.
Add A New Event (Workshop)

And last - but certainly now least - events!

Want to organize a local meetup or a workshop in your region. This is the place to do it. Create a title for your event, enter the price, description, and other details required. Our team will review it and help you add necessary details and grow this event or workshop.

What’s the difference with an event and a workshop? Technically they are the same in the system, but on the business side we differentiate them by the depth the event will go into. If you will do a half day or full day in-depth training (or longer) we consider that a workshop. If you want to do an informal evening meetup for a couple hours with a speaker (s) sharing for a bit - that is what we call a meetup event.

Want to Organize Events?

You may be interested in organizing events with Global From Asia but don’t have the time to create a workshop or a course. Or, maybe you’re an up and coming expert who doesn’t have that experience level yet to make it happen.

No problem - we support you on your growth to becoming a GFA Expert! If you have the time, energy, and passion to put together a GFA meetup in your local region, we welcome it! Apply as an expert, and note that you want to organize a meetup (instead of a course or workshop) in your application. If you’re a true “fan” of the Global From Asia movement, mention which podcasts, blogs, videos, or other content you enjoy the most. Let us know if you have speakers in your local community that you can line up to speak at one of our expert meetup events.

Let’s start building a relationship together in the GFA community and mold you to host a workshop or even a summit together. The possibilities are endless, but if you’re not sure where to start - organizing some meetup events is a great start.

Register to become a Expert

Fill out the form on the left to start the process. We will ask that you join our member's club in order to be considered - which is a great community of other experts and business owners in Asia and around the world.
We want to ensure those enrolling in the courses and attending these events are receiving the knowledge and attention they signed up for. We will monitor that experts are following procedures to deliver what they have promised and we will be very strict to ensure that you continue to fulfill your role as an esteemed GFA expert. We will issue warnings for not following the rules and procedures, and may as a last resort as you to leave the community.
Online courses are a great way to get started as a Global From Asia expert. If you have never made an online course, our team can help you with getting things going. The commission we take will be dependent on how much we need to help you with creating and launching your course. Its all about risk and reward.