Coaching Alongside You For International Business Growth

Are you in a transition? Looking to go from your current country and plateau business level and go global with your business?

Looking to work alongside an expert to help you make that happen?

Then the GFA VIP Coaching Package Is Right Up Your Alley

Work with your coach, Mike Michelini, and setup a game plan for the transition and transformation of your business stage to the next level.

What Do I Get?

This is a premium, hands on, coaching service that includes a ton of value from the GFA network:

* The core GFA VIP membership – which includes a ton of our premium courses and access to our community.

But adding on an exclusive and limited time add-on

* Personal coaching from coach Mike – this is the level up you need to really push yourself to get to the next level:

It is a 3 month coaching plan (time can be adjusted based on your needs and goals)

* Initial on boarding call where we dive deep into what you are working on and where you are in your business

* Game plan creation – after the initial call, Mike will make a 3 month coaching plan for the rest of the sessions.

* Assignments – yes, we’re talking about homework! But hopefully not as boring as your school days, these will be interactive and engaging tasks to take your business to new levels.

* Weekly 1 hour call  – each week you will check in with your coach and report what you have been doing since the last session. Discuss what roadblocks you are facing.

* Introductions to experts in the network – As you go through the sessions, the coaching sessions may need other experts in the community to give you their valuable insights and knowledge. We will help arrange connections and even personal calls depending on your needs.

* 3 months later – transformation! We want this to be a clear result. Once the coaching package has wrapped up, we will analyze what has been accomplished over this time and where you can go from here.

How does it work?

We first want to make sure you are the right fit for the program. Time is our most precious asset, if you are not at the current stage where coaching will help you – we will tell you to instead focus on online learning or other goals – we want to make sure it is the right fit for you!

Simply fill out the application form (link at the bottom of this post) and we will have a client services rep be in touch.

Pricing is premium and customized based on your current level and the requirements and expectations of the three month training.

Who is this for?

A business owner who is at a plateau or a point in their career where they need a bit of a “push”. Looking for someone to have regular calls with and put an action plan together where we both check in to ensure you are taking action and getting to that next level in your global business empire.

People who are committed for a change and ready to take action. All the coaching and knowledge in the world will need to have you, the person, ready to make that change.

Our coaching service will work closely alongside you,

I’m ready – What do I need to do next?

Apply now! Fill out the form linked below and we will review your application carefully.